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Eckehardt Bauer, the founder of Mares Shipping GmbH, completed his shipping and ship broker training at the Horn-Linie shipping company in Hamburg. In 1965 he left Germany and worked for six years at the Peruvian shipping company Consorcio Naviera Peruano in Lima. Subsequently Eckehardt Bauer was the European representative of Consorcio Naviera Peruano for three years, based in Paris. In 1974 he then worked for the influential ship brokers Helmut Thimm in Hamburg. The history of MARES begins when in 1975 Eckehardt Bauer became autonomous with a shipping trade office. On 01/07/2019 Eckehardt Bauer withdrew from operating business and left Claus Witt in charge as sole managing director.

Claus Witt began his professional career in 1980 at MPC Münchmeyer, Petersen & Co., one of the leading international trading companies in Germany. From 1983 he worked for a shipping trade office located in Hamburg which specialised in the supply of spare parts and the equipment for ships. Armed with six years’ professional experience, Claus Witt then began his career at MARES in 1986. Seven years later in 1993, Claus Witt rose to the position of managing director.

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