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“Full steam ahead” is the guiding principle of the crew at MARES. With a high degree of competence and flexibility our staff will take over the helm for you in the short run and ensure that the required spare parts are delivered to you on time.

To meet the highest requirements on an optimum and reliable service, we pass on our long years of experience to our staff right from the training phase and continuously invest in their further training. The unqualified satisfaction of our customers is our highest goal and daily incentive.

Claus  Witt
Claus Witt Managing Director
Sabine  Dennstedt
Sabine Dennstedt Human Resources/Management Assistant
Susana Wigand
Susana Wigand Assistant Human Resources
Bettina Esteve
Bettina Esteve Assistant
Alexander Gath
Alexander Gath Head of Department
Henning Brandt
Henning Brandt Head of Department
Mirjana Dirlic
Mirjana Dirlic Customer Care Assistant
Marco Buettner
Marco Buettner Head of Department
Jonas Marx
Jonas Marx Assistant Team Coordinator
David  Wiegmann
David Wiegmann Sales & Purchase
André Mandix
André Mandix Sales & Purchase
Cornelia Woltering
Cornelia Woltering Sales & Purchase
Berend Grube Sales & Purchase
Sebastian Schwarz
Sebastian Schwarz Head of Department
Simon Gloe
Simon Gloe Head of Department - Germany
Carsten Bienst
Carsten Bienst Head of Department
Inga Bienst
Inga Bienst Team Coordinator
Sarah Maria Reinsch
Sarah Maria Reinsch Team Coordinator
Kerstin Rüggen
Kerstin Rüggen Sales & Purchase
Axel Paulsen
Axel Paulsen Sales & Purchase
Léon Constantin Bauer
Léon Constantin Bauer Sales & Purchase
Johanna Gerigk
Johanna Gerigk Sales & Purchase
Elisa Milone
Elisa Milone Sales & Purchase
Marian Kliesch
Marian Kliesch Team Coordinator
Alexander Knitt
Alexander Knitt Sales & Purchase
Jannik Jungermann
Jannik Jungermann Sales & Purchase
Moritz Förster
Moritz Förster Sales & Purchase
Oguz  Arslan
Oguz Arslan Sales & Purchase
Melanie Putz
Melanie Putz Assistant
Fung-Chi Man
Fung-Chi Man Assistant
Nora  Weidemann
Nora Weidemann Assistant
Felix Knoop Assistant
Edouard Petzold
Edouard Petzold Sales & Purchase
Dimitar Iliev
Dimitar Iliev Sales & Purchase
Marcus Gbotolorun Assistant
Corinna Meinsen
Corinna Meinsen Head of Department
Olessia Weber
Olessia Weber Project Entry
Eugen Wolf
Eugen Wolf Project Entry
Arne Kraus
Arne Kraus Head of Department
Michaela Müller
Michaela Müller Finance
Sylvia Greiner
Sylvia Greiner Finance
Eva Marassa
Eva Marassa Finance
Daniela Vollstedt
Daniela Vollstedt Finance
Indra Kaul
Indra Kaul Finance
Carsten Bienst
Carsten Bienst Head of IT
Phil Brechnitz
Phil Brechnitz System-Administrator
Julius Schmidt Junior Systemadministrator
Janina Papert
Janina Papert Assistant of IT
Gerhard Sedat
Gerhard Sedat Head of Department
Bernd Rohde
Bernd Rohde Administrations
Denis Genne
Denis Genne Logistics
Nabil Chaatouf
Nabil Chaatouf Logistics
Malte Müller
Malte Müller Logistics
Marcel Schulz
Marcel Schulz Logistics
Knut Himmelreich
Knut Himmelreich Logistics
Hendrik Stöcken
Hendrik Stöcken Logistics
Musab Akdag
Musab Akdag Logistics
Skander Naffati
Skander Naffati Logistics
Yannik Oehlrich
Yannik Oehlrich Logistics
Yunus  Kocak
Yunus Kocak Logistics
Nico Kittler
Nico Kittler Logistics
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