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In addition to construction machinery Caterpillar also produces high speed and medium speed diesel and gas engines. In the shipbuilding industry Caterpillar remains one of the leading manufacturers of marine diesel engines, generators and auxiliary engines.

Caterpillar offers two product lines for the marine sector. The MaK medium-range line includes propulsion, auxiliary, and generator set engines in the range from 1,020 to 18,000 kW. The CAT product line has propulsion engines from 127 to 7,682 mhp, aux. engines from 162 to 5,420 bkW, and generator sets from 11 to  17,280 ekW.

We are specialized in suitable spare parts for CAT diesel engines of the following type:
  • C1.5
  • C2.2
  • C4.4
  • C6.6
  • C7
  • C7.1
  • C9
  • C12
  • C18
  • C175-16
  • C280 Series
  • 3300 Series
  • 3400 Series
  • 3500 Series
  • 3600 Series
If anything should be missing in the programme, we can guarantee to obtain it.
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