Mares celebrates its anniversary – with music, dance and magic

Mares celebrates its anniversary – with music, dance and magic

We already reported about our 40th anniversary back in February. But what’s an anniversary without an appropriate celebration? Last Friday afternoon, after a long period of anticipation, the time had finally come. 200 customers, business partners and friends came to our office to celebrate our 40th anniversary together with the Mares team.

ZauberinAn event caterer had already transformed our offices on the third and fourth floors into an event venue. A DJ booth and cocktail bar were installed in the office, and the festive decorations almost let us forget that this is usually a place of work.Sandra Cazzato

When the first guests arrived at Mattentwiete 8 at around 4 pm, they were loudly greeted by the band, Superbrass. The party band played well-known tunes creating a great atmosphere and urging to dance.
At the buffet, our guests were taken on a culinary journey around the world. Mr Bauer and Mr Witt gave a speech thanking their families for their support, demonstrating that Mares still embraces a family-like corporate culture, regardless of its continued expansion in the recent years.

GeschehenA photo collage on the 4th floor provided an insight into the development of Mares Shipping, and was not only of interest to our guests. Alongside photos from its early days in Alsterkamp in 1975, there were also pictures of previous years’ sporting events, company outings and parties, in which some of our staff and customers recognised themselves. But Mares had even more surprises in store: the magician Alana enchanted our customers in the truest sense, astonishing our guests with her show.
And more highlights were to follow: around 8 pm, the singer Sandra Cazzato performed. After a few classics which everyone could hum along with, the DJ then started up, with the festivities and dancing continuing until after midnight.

We would like to thank both our Managing Directors for an extremely successful event, which was great fun. We are now looking forward to the huge Mares summer festival which we will attend along with our families and which will also be dominated by our anniversary.

J Galinski und D Meinen

Constantin Bauer